By assisting you in developing more personal insight into you life experiences, together we can manage your painful and sometimes destructive reactions to life’s difficulties, challenges, and demands in the present. Focusing on your life experiences is the KEY to treating your symptoms, which can improve the quality of your life. 

Our current feelings, beliefs, and behaviors are shaped by the demands, trauma, pain, and losses of our past. We get trapped in repetitive destructive behaviors and emotions around certain situations and people. Despite our best efforts, nothing seems to improve. Our current reactions are often related to how we adapted and survived in difficult situations earlier in life. These reactions result from memories stored in our bodies – It’s what we feel in our bodies that influence us the most. What causes our problematic behaviors is not merely psychological. It’s very physical! Our reactions are automatic. Before we know it, we act in destructive ways.

I will help you make the connections between your past life experiences and your current behaviors and symptoms. Understanding how the past is impacting the present is liberating.

Licensed Psychologist & Certified in Addictions Counseling, Imago Relationship Therapy, Brainspotting. Trained in EMDR and Internal Family Systems

Focusing on your life experiences is the KEY to treating your symptoms, which can improve the quality of your life.

Making these kinds of connections allows us to stop reacting to life’s stress and start responding in better ways. We generally minimize how our life’s traumas, hurts, and losses impacted us. You cannot change your past but I can help you change how you respond and feel in the present. Released from the controlling impact and subconscious influences of the past will allow you to feel better and gain greater control over yourself and your life. Start living the life you were meant to live.

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James Stokes

Professional Baseball Player

[Art] absolutely helped me. I believe in the Brainspotting process, Brainspotting has helped me on the baseball field to overcome some issues and I have pitched much better. And I’m having have more fun both on and off the field.”



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